Econo Services (India) Private Limited -- Dedicated To Wastewater Treatment

Econo Services (India) Private Limited, a 20+ year old Company, is promoted and run by Technology and Management Consultants with keen interest in promoting modern and cost-effective Indian Wastewater Treatment technologies worldwide. Working in close association with some of the latest technology researchers and leaders in this field in India, Econo Services seeks to provide the right kind of solution that meets the technical and environmental requirements of its clients, economically.

Econo Services is always on the lookout for the best and the latest of technologies in Wastewater Treatment, and seeks to associate itself with the promoters of such technologies, and integrate such technologies in its repertoire. Therefore, Econo Services is also in a position to draw expertise from associate Companies/ Research Organizations, whenever required, an additional benefit for the clients of Econo Services.

Econo Services had the fortune of being identified and asked to author an eBook titled, "All About Wastewater Treatment: A Comprehensive Guide", by ‘Geostar Publishing & Services LLC, USA’. The staff and Consultants of Econo Services gladly undertook the assignment and the eBook was published in 2005. This eBook has since been selling very well worldwide. It has received worldwide acceptance from academics, professionals, corporates and Governments (mainly Municipalities).

In addition, with the free technical assistance of Econo Services, Geostar has been educating academics, professionals, corporates and Municipalities about Wastewater Treatment processes and technologies through their FREE Newsletters, which have over 10,000 subscribers worldwide. The subscribers have been immensely pleased with this free effort of social service.

Since Econo Services has been offering free Consultancy services through Geostar (subject to practical time constraints) to hundreds of academics, professionals, corporates and Municipalities, Econo Services have come to understand the issues and problems relating to Wastewater Treatment worldwide, and so are well equipped to solve almost any kind of issues/ problems in this field.



Solutions Offered

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