Interested in becoming our Associate?

Interested in becoming our Associate for Wastewater Treatment (STP & ETP) in your place, implementing AICR (Advanced Immobilized Cell Reactor) Technology to treat all kinds of Wastewater without paying any Franchisee fee?

We have built a network of 100+ consultants, suppliers and manufacturers as associates in many countries worldwide! You too can become a wastewater treatment Consultant implementing our Advanced Immobilized Cell Reactor technology in your country, adding significant local value.

If you have an engineering/ environmental science background and are seriously interested in liquid waste management, please contact us through email specifying your background and geographical market of interest.

Benefits of becoming our Franchisee/ Associate are:

  • Franchise opportunity without a Franchisee fee
  • Opportunity to handle Civil Works, earning you additional income
  • Opportunity to network with Senior Government officials
  • Opportunity to gain exclusivity in implementing AICR in your region
  • Opportunity to gain Project Management experience

Solutions Offered

Sewage Treatment Plants

Effluent Treatment Plants

Septic Tank Treatment