Effluent Treatment Plants

Our company’s Industrial Wastewater Treatment (ETPs) built with Advanced Immobilized Cell Reactor (AICR) suite of technologies can handle even the most ‘difficult to treat’ industrial process effluents, delivering any high quality of treated water at lower cost by:

  • Minimizing Space required, which can be used to better as commercial space at a high land value
  • Treating effluents without chemicals as far as possible, thus facilitating recovery of byproducts, whose value can be very high.
  • Digesting and minimizing sludge, and thus reducing sludge handling costs.
  • Minimizing cost of civil works by proper choice of construction material (RCC, ZincAlume, MS or FRP), depending on their relative costs in your region
  • Reusing treated water if required by the Client, thus saving the cost of water used in the process

Our solutions for industrial effluent treatment includes biological wastewater like:

  • Food industry waste water
  • Brewery wastewater
  • Coffee wastewater
  • Dairy wastewater
  • Oily wastewater
  • POME (Palm Oil Mill Effluent)
  • Olive mill wastewater
  • Poultry wastewater
  • Slaughterhouse (abattoir) wastewater
  • Winery wastewater

Acidic/ Alkaline/ Neutral Chemical wastewater like:

  • Paint wastewater
  • Textile waste water
  • Pulp and paper wastewater
  • Petrochemical refinery wastewater
  • Polymer wastewater
  • Laboratory wastewater
  • Laundry wastewater
  • Mining wastewater
  • Dye wastewater
  • Electroplating wastewater
  • Chemical waste in water
  • Car wash water for recycling
  • Hospital wastewater treatment

In summary, we ensure compliance to your Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)'s most stringent guidelines' cost-effectively.

Solutions Offered

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Effluent Treatment Plants

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