Sewage Treatment Plants

Our company’s Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) built with Advanced Immobilized Cell Reactor (AICR) suite of technologies delivers any high quality of treated water required by the Client at lower cost by:

  • Minimizing Space required, which can be used to build more houses or create valuable infrastructure.
  • Minimizing Maintenance & Operation Costs (like Power & Chemicals), which will add up to several times the Investment over the life of the STP.
  • Eliminating odour, minimizing mosquitoes & insects
  • Delivering re-use quality of treated water - for gardening, toilet flush, car wash, irrigation, etc.
  • Digesting Sludge: Avoiding sludge handling costs

We have solutions for sewage treatment that includes what Clients describe as:

  • Domestic waste water
  • Metro wastewater
  • Municipal waste water
  • Residential waste water
  • Black water
  • Grey water

These STPs can also be pre-fabricated and installed on-site for small-sized Sewage Treatment Plants (5m3/day upwards), made of RCC, MS, SS, FRP, GRP, etc as materials of construction.

In summary, we help comply with your Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s stringent guidelines at a very affordable cost.

Solutions Offered

Sewage Treatment Plants

Effluent Treatment Plants

Septic Tank Treatment